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Fee Guide

New Consultation: £200.00          

Follow Up Visit: £150.00          

Minor Treatments from: £90.00

(Cryotherapy, curettage and cautery, punch biopsies)

(Additional charges made via the hospital from £150.00 for use of treatment rooms).

Blood tests vary please check with the hospital beforehand if self-funding


Dr Jana is covered by all medical insurers and providing we are given a

membership number and where appropriate an authorisation code we will insure

the medical insurer directly for your treatment.

We strongly recommend that you check with your insurer before booking a

consultation or treatment.

Please note it will be necessary to gain authorisation from your Insurer before your consultation and treatment.

Charges for any other treatment given by Dr Jana will be advised prior to treatment.

These charges are made immediately following your consultation and will be invoiced directly by Surrey Dermatology Ltd.

Cancellation fees are 50% of consultation fee if no notice given within 24 hours and we have therefore been unable to offer the appointment to someone else.

Any other charges (i.e. blood tests, liquid nitrogen, x-rays etc.) that may arise will be invoiced directly by the hospital and it is for that reason that your credit card details are taken by them when you attend.  Your credit/debit card details are never shared with us which is why we will always send you an invoice for the consultation.

If you have medical insurance, we will always invoice the insurer directly providing we have been given your membership and authorisation codes.  

It is important to check what the excess on your policy as this will be withheld by the insurer and the payment must be made by you directly to us.

We will always charge your insurer at their accepted rate, although your excess will of course be withheld from your initial consultation.

We accept payment via the following methods: credit and debit card over the phone, cheque, bank transfer – this information will be on your invoice.

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